About Us

Redi Solutions, LLC was incorporated in the State of Utah in February 1992 and was acquired by Safway Group in the fall of 2011. Today, Redi Solutions offers a wide range of access, insulation, fireproofing and coatings solutions throughout the Western United States and across the Ohio River Valley, from our headquarters in Murray, Utah, and a second location in Lexington, Kentucky.


Our continued goal as a company is to focus on “improving the process, not just solving the problem.” This ensures that Redi Solutions maintains its position at the forefront of our industry and promotes a policy that puts SAFETY FIRST. Redi Solutions, along with all of our employees, comply with current federal, state, local, OSHA, MSHA, client and company occupational health, safety and environmental laws. In addition, as part of our commitment to safety, we have developed comprehensive policies and programs, which our employees are expected to enforce at all times. Each and every Redi employee understands that s/he is responsible for safety.


Redi Solutions has experienced dramatic growth, and we have received recognition for the kind of superior quality workmanship that only comes with experience. Much of our success can be attributed to our hard-working employees – trained and skilled craftsmen who take pride in their performance. We have built strong relationships with our clients due in large part by our commitment to treat everyone we work with – from our customers to our vendors to our employees – with integrity and fairness. Over 20+ years, Redi Solutions has established a reputation for quality performance, completing projects within budget and on schedule.

With SMART Safety practices, SMART Planning methodologies, SMART Process discipline and SMART Technology advancements, our SMART People provide high-performance multiservice solutions – The SMART WAY™.

Redi Solutions is a Safway Group company. With more than 120 locations in the U.S. and Canada and a growing system of distributors worldwide, Safway Group companies deliver efficient, high-performance multiservice solutions – The Smart Way™ – by collaborating, communicating and sharing resources. Offering experience and expertise in access, scaffolding, insulation, fireproofing, surface preparation and coatings, Safway Group companies design and implement innovative, quality solutions at the lowest installed cost for projects of any size and scope. Safway has been an industry leader since 1936. For more information, visit www.safwaygroup.com.